I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an increasing number of hateful posts in my Facebook feed recently. You know the sort, “this person is evil, share or repost so the whole world knows”. 

What’s sad is that many of these posts are from people I know, love or respect. It’s easy to be drawn into this stuff, especially when the cause seems justified. But have we considered the true emotional consequence of this behaviour?

There’s logic which says that we feel better about ourselves when justifiably putting others down. For a moment we feel we are good. But the truth is that we are buying into hatred, propagating division and clothing ourselves with something toxic. It does our emotional and spiritual wellbeing no favours. 

I saw another post in response to the recent trend of changing your Facebook profile picture so that it’s covered by the rainbow in support of gay rights. The originator of the post said they’d change their profile picture when people started promoting the cause of starving children in Africa, accompanied by a haunting image of a malnourished child. “Great response!” many  of us shout. Really? The starving in Africa is an important and entirely different matter. The two should not be contrasted. We continue to buy into hate by contrasting one issue (normally highly emotive) next to another issue with which we have a problem.  We are still feeding the divide. 

I really don’t believe we do ourselves any emotional favours by spreading these kinds of posts and ideologies. 

Remember the last time you gave your seat up for someone on the train? Or got involved with a meaningful project in the community? Or gave to charity until it hurt? Or decided to sponsor a child in poverty rather than belittle others supporting a certain cause? I bet it felt good. And it made a difference. Two things these hateful posts will never do. 

So please don’t be offended when I don’t repost certain things. But please do provoke and challenge me to do more of what I know is truly worthwhile.