We’re all a little bit mental

Day 5 of my 40 Day Challenge. Today’s blog is one from the archive. Some thoughts I had a couple of years ago about what mental health actually means.
Remember, if you feel you have a topic you’d like to discuss here or a story you’d like contribute on this blog, I’d really love to hear from you.

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We’re all just a little bit mental.

There, I said it! It’s possible that many of us may be offended or insulted by such a statement. The revulsion to such a statement may well be routed in our assumptions about what the term “mental” or “mental health” actually means.

For many of us the concept of mental health is one of alienation or separation from the “general public”. Perhaps to have mental health makes one markedly different from average Jo, or makes us more likely to:

“Dance around the podium, strip naked and squawk like a chicken”

(A Beautiful Mind, 2001)

Perhaps our attitude around mental health can lead us to use words such as “crazy” or “cuckoo” when referring to others or even ourselves in relation to mental health. It is easy to understand how we continue to hold such strong attitudes around the subject.

Sure, we have moved…

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