Day 32 of my 40 (46) Day Blog Challenge. In case you are new here, let me fill you in . I decided to publish a blog around the subject of mental health and wellbeing every day for Lent. Mental health is such an important subject to be speaking about openly, and I wanted to see what would happen if I started this. Very quickly, lots of people decided to join in and write about their own experiences of mental health. It has been such a blessing. And thank you everyone who has participated so far. There are now just 2 weeks left to go.

So now I’d like to challenge you!

I really need your help over the next couple of weeks in order to finish the challenge strong, and to not merely peter out. I wonder if you can help me to honour all those who have shared their stories so far, as well as help as many people as possible to hear these wonderful stories and to know they are not alone. Here’s how you can help:

  1. If you have a story to tell and feel that now would be a good time, then please do get in touch. The story can be anything to do with mental health or wellbeing. It could be anything from how you have come to terms with a mental health diagnosis, to feeling insecure at the gym (Gym-timidation!)
  2. If you have read an article and been moved by it, or have related to it in any way, please please consider reposting or sharing it on social media. It makes a massive difference when just a couple of people share. Perhaps you could tag people you know would be interested in the post too. Encourage them to share…

As of today, we have had a brilliant 3348 views on the blog, thank you! It would be amazing if we could reach 5000 views by Easter. It would be understandable to let this challenge pass by; we all probably get loads of social media requests to repost this or share that. And I understand if this isn’t for you.

However, if you feel stirred by anything you have read here, then I urge you to not keep it to yourself; it would be easy to underestimate the impact that these stories can have on those who may come to read them.

So here is a list of the wonderful guest blogs so far. Do catch up, and if you can, help us to reach the target of 5000 views by Easter.

Dark Thoughts;  6th March (About Bereavement); Bipolar In The FamilyPrenatal Depression; Anxiety Attack…Domestic Abuse: Sylvia’s StoryThe Cold Cure for DepressionAnxiety in the body…Faulty Powers (About addiction); Birth TraumaShame (About porn addiction); Living with an addict;   Molehills out of Mountains (About a positive experience of counselling); Resilience: around the world on his bike!Mother’s DayForgiveness & Healing…I Overcame Self-Doubt…

Thank you, Tristan x


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