About Me

My name is Tristan and I live in Mid Sussex.

I have always loved listening to others, and gained my counselling diploma in 2008 and completed my degree in 2011. Since 2009 I have been employed in the addictions field, initially providing counselling and group-work in a residential rehab. After leading a team of counsellors in a specialist service in London helping those with addictions and mental health, I am now retraining and working in the NHS as a CBT therapist.

I also run a small private practice and offer counselling for a range of life issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD, significant life changes, and many other presenting issues. I have a particular interest in helping those with a mental health diagnosis to better understand their world and their symptoms and to find ways to manage them better.

My training is in Humanistic Counselling. Broadly speaking this means I view you as the expert in all things “you”. I trust that through our working relationship you will find the resources within yourself to move through the current difficulties. I won’t analyse you, or second guess you. I’ll work with you to find new ways of managing those things in life which get difficult, and at times leads us to a place of distress or feeling stuck.

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